Sec. 6.5-61.  Intent.
   The intent of this article is to protect property, prevent damage to the environment, and promote the public welfare in the city, by guiding, regulating and controlling the design, construction and use of excavation, grading and other similar activities which disturb or break the topsoil, or result in the movement of soil.  During construction, soils are the most vulnerable to erosion by wind and water.  This eroded soil endangers water resources by reducing water quality, and causing the siltation of aquatic habitat for fish and other desirable species.  Eroded soil also necessitates the repair and cleaning of storm sewers, ditches and other facilities in the stormwater system.  The regulations contained in this article are intended to prevent soil erosion, and to provide procedures for submission, review and approval of erosion control plans prior to soil disturbance.
(Ord. No. 1674, 2-28-05)