§ 455.07  Violations
   It shall be unlawful and a violation of the provisions of this chapter for any person:
   (a)   To cause, allow or permit any vehicle registered in the name of or operated by such person to be parked overtime or beyond the period of legal parking time as may be provided in Section 455.06;
   (b)   To permit any vehicle to remain or be placed in any parking space adjacent to any parking meter while such meter is displaying a signal indicating that the vehicle occupying such parking space has already been parked beyond the period prescribed for such parking space;
   (c)   To park any vehicle across any line or marking of a parking space or in such position that the vehicle shall not be entirely within the area designated by such lines or marking;
   (d)   To perform any act other than the deposit of lawful coins, parking tokens, parking keys or parking cards for the purposes of securing or increasing the parking meter indication of legal parking time or for the purpose of putting into operation the automatically operated gate;
   (e)   To fail to comply with any other provisions of this chapter or with any rules or regulations duly adopted by the Commissioner of Traffic Engineering and Parking and the Commissioner of Parking Facilities, pursuant to the authority of Section 455.02.
(Ord. No. 1525-81. Passed 6-29-81, eff. 7-2-81)