§ 455.02  Regulations by Commissioner of Traffic Engineering and Parking and Commissioner of Parking Facilities
   (a)   The Commissioner of Traffic Engineering and Parking, with respect to roadways on City property, and the Commissioner of Parking Facilities, with respect to off-street parking facilities, are hereby authorized to adopt regulations for Municipal roadways on City property and off-street parking facilities, respectively, not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter, including, but not limited to:
      (1)   Establishing limits of speed, to be determined upon the basis of official engineering and traffic investigations;
      (2)   Designating, laying out and identifying drives for the purpose of furnishing ingress and egress to vehicles using Municipal parking facilities;
      (3)   Designating drives upon which vehicles shall move in only one (1) direction;
      (4)   Prohibiting right-hand turns or left-hand turns, or permitting only right-hand turns or left-hand turns at designated drive intersections;
      (5)   Designating those drives upon which vehicles must stop or yield the right-of-way at drive intersections;
      (6)   Designating, locating and marking crosswalks, center lines, lane lines, stop lines and other markings upon the surface of the Municipal parking facility to provide for the protection and safety of the public;
      (7)   Designating and marking those areas in which vehicles shall not stop, stand or park;
      (8)   Designating roadways, drives or parts thereof upon which only RTA buses shall operate.
   (b)   The regulations adopted by authority of subsections (a)(2) through (8) hereof shall become effective ten (10) days after publication in the City Record and upon the erection of signs sufficient in number and location to apprise the ordinarily observant person of the existence of the regulation, and shall have the force and effect of ordinances until rescinded by the Commissioner or disapproved by ordinance of Council.
   The speed regulations adopted by the Commissioner pursuant to subsection (a)(1) hereof shall be first approved by Council and thereafter shall become effective as is provided in the foregoing paragraph.
(Ord. No. 1525-81. Passed 6-29-81, eff. 7-2-81)