§ 455.01  Designation of Parking Spaces; Use of Meters or Gates
   (a)   The Commissioner of Parking Facilities is hereby authorized and directed to establish and mark off individual parking spaces in such portions of a Municipal off-street parking facility which are, in his or her opinion, necessary for the proper parking of motor vehicles within such Municipal parking facility. The Commissioner of Traffic Engineering has like authority with regard to street parking facilities.
   (b)   The Commissioner of Parking Facilities may install and maintain individual parking meters adjacent to each parking space, or he or she may install and maintain automatically operated gates at the exits or entrances of off-street parking facilities and parking booths for the issuance of tickets, as are in the best interests of the City. The Commissioner of Parking Facilities also has authority to install and maintain parking meters on City streets.
(Ord. No. 1495-87. Passed 11-23-87, eff. 11-25-87)