§ 401.43  Public Safety Vehicle
   “Public safety vehicle” means any of the following:
   (a)   Ambulances, including private ambulance companies under contract to a municipal corporation, township, or county, and private ambulances and nontransport vehicles bearing license plates issued under RC 4503.49.
   (b)   Motor vehicles used by public law enforcement officers or other persons sworn to enforce the criminal and traffic laws of the state.
   (c)   Any motor vehicle when properly identified as required by the Ohio Director of Public Safety, when used in response to fire emergency calls or to provide emergency medical service to ill or injured persons, and when operated by a duly qualified person who is a member of a volunteer rescue service or a volunteer fire department, and who is on duty pursuant to the rules or directives of that service. The State Fire Marshal shall be designated by the Ohio Director of Public Safety as the certifying agency for all public safety vehicles described in this division (c).
   (d)    Vehicles used by fire departments, including motor vehicles when used by volunteer firefighters responding to emergency calls in the fire department service when identified as required by the Ohio Director of Public Safety.
   Any vehicle used to transport or provide emergency medical service to an ill or injured person, when certified as a public safety vehicle, shall be considered a public safety vehicle when transporting an ill or injured person to a hospital, regardless of whether the vehicle has already passed a hospital.
   (e)   Vehicles used by the motor carrier enforcement unit for the enforcement of orders and rules of the Public Utilities Commission as specified in RC 5503.34.
(RC 4511.01(E); Ord. No. 188-16. Passed 10-16-17, eff. 10-20-17)