§ 447.01  Definitions
   (a)   "Carriage" means a horse-drawn or manually-or mechanically-driven vehicle the owner or operator of which secures or accepts passengers for hire on public streets or in public or quasi-public places, including, but not limited to, horse-drawn carriages, pedal-propelled carriages, and pedicabs.
   (b)   "Carriage Operator" means the person in actual physical control of a carriage.
   (c)   "Carriage Operator's Assistant" means the person required by division (b) of Section 447.08 to assist the Carriage Operator with those duties which are ancillary to the operation of the carriage.
   (d)   "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Assessments and Licenses or his or her designee.
   (e)   "Carriage Business" means the business of transporting persons for hire by carriage.
   (f)   "For hire" has the same meaning as defined in Section 401.30.
   (g)   "Police Traffic Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Traffic Control of the Division of Police.
(Ord. No. 481-13. Passed 4-29-13, eff. 5-1-13)