§ 401.30  Operate for Hire
   “Operate for hire” includes “plying for hire” and “carrying passengers for hire” and means the engaging by any person, firm or corporation, directly or through any agent, lessee, representative, officer or employee in the business of transporting persons, or of providing or furnishing such transportation service, for hire to the public generally or under special or individual contracts, over the streets and highways of the City, and also includes the soliciting of public patronage upon the streets and highways of the City, the demanding, accepting or receiving of any compensation, remuneration, reward, gift, donation, gratuity, tip or other consideration, for transporting any person or persons over the public streets of this City, whether the amount received is equal to, greater or less than the rates prescribed in Section 443.26; the holding out of himself, herself, themselves or itself to the general public as prepared to transport any person or persons without charge or for such fee as the person or persons transported may voluntarily contribute; and the employing of any other scheme, device or method to circumvent or evade the provisions of this Traffic Code.
(Ord. No. 1684-76. Passed 6-29-76, eff. 7-6-76)