19.75.140   Operational Requirements- Commercial Cannabis Retailer - Storefront.
A.   On-site Supervision: All commercial cannabis storefront retailers shall have a manager on the premises at all times during hours of operation.
B.   Delivery Services. Storefront retailers also providing delivery shall comply with the operational requirements pertaining to Retailer - Delivery Only businesses in Section 19.75.150.
C.   Site Access. Entrances into the retailer storefront shall be controlled at all times with either security personnel or electronic/mechanical entry system. Adult use storefront retailers without medicinal cannabis sales shall verify the age of all customers to ensure persons under the age of 21 are not permitted on the premises. Adult use medicinal sales storefront retailers shall verify the age and possession of valid doctor’s recommendation of all customers to ensure persons under the age of 18 are not permitted on the premises.
D.   Medicinal Cannabis.
   a.   Commercial cannabis storefront retailers selling medicinal cannabis shall verify the age and all necessary documentation of each customer to ensure the customer is not under the age of 18 years and that the potential customer has a valid doctor’s recommendation;
   b.   Verify the identity and age of the qualified patient, primary caregiver, or customer receiving cannabis or cannabis products from the delivery only retailer; and
   c.   If a medicinal cannabis transaction,
      i.   Verify the validity of the qualified patient’s recommendation from a physician to use cannabis for medicinal purposes or primary caregiver’s status as a primary caregiver for the particular qualified patient, and
      ii.   Maintain a copy of the physician recommendation or Identification Card, as described in Health and Safety Code Sections 11362.71 through 11362.77, as may be amended from time to time, at its permitted business location for a period of not less than seven (7) years.
E.   Physician Evaluations Prohibited: No physician shall be allowed at any time to evaluate patients or customers for the issuance of a medicinal cannabis recommendation or medicinal cannabis identification card where applicable.
F.   Complimentary Promotions Prohibited. A non-medicinal cannabis storefront retailer may not give away, or donate specific devices, contrivances, instruments, or paraphernalia necessary for consuming cannabis products, including, but not limited to, rolling papers and related tools, pipes, water pipes, and vaporizers. A storefront retailer may not give away samples or cannabis products free of charge.
G.   Required Notifications. All cannabis storefront retailers shall notify qualified patients, primary caregivers, and customers (verbally or by written agreement) and by posting of a notice or notices conspicuously in at least 15-point type within the permitted premises that state the following:
   a.   “The sale or diversion of cannabis or cannabis products without a permit issued by the City of Chico is a violation of State law and the Chico City Code.”
   b.   “Secondary sale, barter, or distribution of cannabis or cannabis products purchased from a permittee is a crime and can lead to arrest.”
   c.   “Patrons must not loiter in or near these premises and may not consume cannabis or cannabis products in the vicinity of this business or in any place not lawfully permitted. These premises and vicinity are monitored to ensure compliance.”
   d.   “Warning: the use of cannabis or cannabis products may impair a person’s ability to drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery.”
   e.   “CALIFORNIA PROP. 65 WARNING: Smoking of cannabis and cannabis- derived products will expose you and those in your immediate vicinity to cannabis smoke. Cannabis smoke is known by the State of California to cause cancer.”
H.   Location of Products. All cannabis concentrate inhaled products, including but not limited to, dabs, shatter, budder, wax, and butane hash oil, shall be stored behind the retail counter and out of the reach of customers at all times except when being handled by an employee during a sales transaction.
I.   Added Artificial Flavor Prohibited. Retailers shall not sell cannabis products which contain an added characterizing flavor. For purposes of this Chapter, “characterizing flavor” means a taste or aroma, other than the taste or aroma of cannabis, imparted either prior to or during consumption. This includes, but is not limited to, tastes or aromas relating to food or drink of any sort; menthol; mint; wintergreen; fruit; chocolate; vanilla; honey; candy; cocoa; dessert; alcoholic beverages; herbs; or spices. Flavor agents consisting of terpenes of cannabis shall not be considered an added characterizing flavor. Such prohibition shall not apply to cannabis products which are manufactured as edible or topical products.
J.   Educational Materials. A cannabis storefront retailer shall provide written educational materials to all customers:
   a.   Regarding each product sold, with information regarding the name and type of product, instructions for use, and expected effects.
   b.   Regarding all edible cannabis products and cannabis concentrate products sold to a customer, which shall include information on safe storage and use of the product, warnings against child access and exposure to the product, and warnings of potential side effects concerning brain development of individuals under the age of twenty-five years and potential harm to pregnant women.
K.   Training Required: A cannabis storefront retailer shall require all employees who interact with public customers, as well as all management staff, to complete training to ensure competency of employees for their assigned functions within the first year of the retailers’ first year of operation, and within one year of each employee’s hire date thereafter. The retailer shall maintain records showing completion of each employee’s training for a period of two years and provide such records to the City Manager or his/her designee upon request.
(Ord. 2553; Ord. 2589 §4)