Title 14
   14.04   Public Streets - General Provisions
   14.08   Encroachment and Excavation Permits
   14.14   Public Improvements - Building Permits
   14.20   Sidewalk Repair
   14.36   Moving Buildings
   14.40   Street Trees
      Article I   Generally
      Article II   Definitions
      Article III   Planting or Removing
      Article IV   Additional Regulations
      Article V   Hearing - Appeal
   14.44   Underground Wiring Districts
   14.50   Use of Streets and Sidewalks for Parades and Public Assemblies
   14.55   Use of Streets for Athletic Events
   14.60   Use of City Streets and Sidewalks for Sales of Food, Beverages or Merchandise and/or Rentals of Equipment or Other Things
   14.70   Use of Public Right-of-Way for Operation of Outdoor Cafés
   14.80   Placement of Sidewalk Planters Within the Central Business District
   14.90   Small Cell Wireless Faci lities
   NOTE:   Footnotes are numbered throughout the text and are located at the end of this title.
Chapter 14.04
14.04.010   Open public streets defined.
14.04.020   Requirements for acceptance generally.
14.04.010   Open public streets defined.
   All streets, lanes, places, avenues and portions thereof, including extensions in length and width, within the corporate limits of the city, which have been dedicated by the owners thereof to public use, or acquired for public use in any legal manner, are declared to be open public streets of the city.
(Prior code § 23.1 (Ord. 224 §175))
14.04.020   Requirements for acceptance generally.
   Before accepting any street, alley, lane, place, avenue or portions thereof, hereafter, the city council shall have the power to require the same to be completed in such a manner as the city council shall determine.
(Prior code § 23.2 (Ord. 224 §176))