Title 11R
   11R.04   Rules Generally
   11R.08   Use of the Airport
   11R.12   Motor Vehicle Regulations
   11R.16   Aircraft Regulations
   11R.20   Fire Prevention
   11R.24   Air Traffic Rules
   11R.28   Handling and Storing Hazardous Cargo
   11R.32   Handling and Storing Aircraft Fuel
   NOTE:   Footnotes are numbered throughout the text and are located at the end of this title.
Chapter 11R.04
11R.04.010   Application of title.
11R.04.020   Definitions.
11R.04.010   Application of title.
   The rules and regulations set forth in this title shall govern all persons utilizing the Chico Municipal Airport.
(Res. No. 149 75-76 (part))
11R.04.020   Definitions.
   For the purpose of this title, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings defined in this section unless from the context a different meaning is intended; provided, however, that whenever any word or phrase used in this title is not defined, but is defined in Title 1 or Title 11 of the Chico Municipal Code, such definitions are incorporated herein and shall be deemed to apply to such words and phrases when used in this title:
   A.   “Airport commission” shall have the meaning as defined in Title 11 of the  Chico Municipal Code, hereinafter referred to as “commission.”
   B.   “Airport manager” shall have the meaning as defined in Title 11 of the Chico Municipal Code, hereinafter referred to as “manager.”
   C.   “Field privileges” shall mean to make use of the airport for takeoff, landing, taxiing, parking, and tie-down.
   D.   “Fuel handling” shall mean the transportation, delivering, fueling and draining of aircraft fuel.
   E.   “Gross landing weight” shall mean the maximum allowable gross landing weight of such aircraft under the most favorable conditions as determined by the Federal Aviation Administration and incorporated in the  Certificate of Airworthiness of the particular aircraft.
   F.   “Local-based aircraft” shall mean an aircraft that has on file a complete standard form of registration for permanent storage with the manager, or in included in a required report provided to the city by a fixed-based operator, lessee, or permittee.
   G.   “Movement area” shall mean that portion of the operational area which consists of runways, taxiways and other areas which are utilized for the taxiing, takeoff and landing of aircraft, exclusive of the loading ramps and parking areas.
   H.   “Operational area” shall mean any area on the airport which encompasses aircraft movements and vehicle traffic necessary to support the aircraft.
   I.   “Private aircraft” shall mean aircraft operated by a person for pleasure, business, or for other purposes, where no direct monetary return is received from its operation, and including, without limiting the generality hereof, executive aircraft.
   J.   “Safety areas” shall mean those areas adjacent to and at the end of each runway and taxiway having the following respective dimensions:
      1.   Runway 13L-31R. An area 500 feet in width, including the usable runway width of 150 feet, extending no less than 200 feet beyond each
      2.   Runway 13R-31L. An area 450 feet in width, including the usable runway width of 75 feet, extending 200 feet beyond each end.
      3.   Taxiways. An area which includes the usable taxiway surface and adjacent paved or gravel shoulder.
   K.   “Scheduled air carrier” shall mean an air carrier certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, which carrier schedules regular landings at the airport, whether such landing is in accordance with a published schedule or not.
(Res. No. 149 75-76 (part))