Title 15
   15.04   Storm Drainage
   15.08   Water Wells
   15.36   Sewer Services and Fees
      Article I   General Provisions
      Article II   Sewer Service Fees
      Article III   Water Pollution Control Plant Capacity Fees
      Article IV   Trunkline Capacity Fees
      Article V   Lift Station Capacity Fees
      Article VI   Sewer Main and Sewer Lateral Installation Fees
      Article VII   Sewer Main Extensions and Sewer Laterals
      Article VIII   Connection Permits
      Article IX   Violations
   15.40   Sewer Discharge Requirements
      Article I     General Provisions
      Article II   Discharge Restrictions
      Article III   Pretreatment of Wastewater
      Article IV   Industrial Wastewater Permit Requirements
      Article V   Reporting and Sampling Requirements
      Article VI   Violations, Enforcement and Penalties
      Article VII   Miscellaneous Provisions
   15.50   Storm Water Management and Discharge Controls
   15.60   Community Choice Aggregation
   15.70   City Fiber Utility
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