Title 5
   5.08   Franchises - Generally
   5.12   (Repealed)
   5.13   Franchises - Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act of 2006
   5.14   Franchises - Yard Debris Collection and Compost Program
      Article I   Purpose
      Article II   Definitions
      Article III   Grant of Franchise
      Article IV   Regulation of Franchise
      Article V   General Financial and Insurance Provisions
      Article VI   Operation of Franchise
      Article VII   Collection of Fees
      Article VIII   Miscellaneous Provisions
   5.16   Solid Waste Collection, Removal, Disposal, Processing and Recycling
   5.24   House-to-House Peddling and Soliciting
   5.28   Vehicles for Hire
      Article I   General Provisions
      Article II   Owners of Vehicles for Hire
      Article III   Drivers of Vehicles for Hire
      Article IV   Vehicle for Hire Permit
      Article V   Administrative Review
   5.30   Ambulances
   5.32   Cardrooms
   5.36   Bingo Games
   5.38   Food Facilities
   5.40   Regulation of Security Alarm Systems
   5.41   Regulation of Fire Alarm Systems
   5.42   Commercial Cannabis Businesses
   NOTE:   Footnotes are numbered throughout the text and are located at the end of this title.