Title 12
   12.04   Parks and Playgrounds - General Provisions
   12.08   Injuring Property in Parks
   12.12   Vehicles in Parks
   12.16   Park and Playground Regulations
   12.17   Humboldt Neighborhood Park
   NOTE:   Footnotes are numbered throughout the text and are located at the end of this title.
Chapter 12.04
12.04.010   Designation of city parks and playgrounds.
12.04.020   Exemptions from title.
12.04.030   Control vested in Bidwell Park and Playground commission.
12.04.040   Name of public parks.
12.04.050   Drug free zones. (Repealed by Ord. 2444)
12.04.010   Designation of city parks and playgrounds.
   For purposes of this code, the following city properties are designated as the city's parks and playgrounds:
   A.   Bidwell Park;
   B.   Children's Playground;
   C.   Depot Park;
   D.   Plaza Park;
   E.   Ringel Park;
   F.   Bidwell Bowl Amphitheater
   G.   All greenways or parklands adjoining Big Chico Creek, Little Chico Creek, Lindo Channel, Comanche Creek, Edgar Slough, Sycamore Creek, Dead Horse Slough Teichert Ponds, or any other stream or watercourse which has been acquired or which is hereafter acquired by the city, either in fee title or by way of an easement which authorizes public use of the easement area; and
   H.   Any other property acquired by the city or dedicated to and accepted by the city subsequent to January 1, 1992, specifically for park or playground purposes.
(Prior code § 17.1 (Ord. 224 §230, Ord. 1903) Ord. 2444
12.04.020   Exemptions from title.
   The provisions of this title shall not apply to or restrict any officer or employee of the city or that of any other governmental agency while acting in the performance of any lawful duty imposed upon such officer or agent by any lawful authority.
(Prior code §17.1-1 (Ord. 747))
12.04.030   Control vested in Bidwell Park and Playground commission.
   The Bidwell Park and Playground commission is vested with the supervision, control and management of all public parks and playgrounds within the city.
(Prior code § 17.2 (Ord. 224 §232))
12.04.040   Names of public parks.
   Names of the public parks of the city shall be those given by the city council.
(Prior code § 17.30 (Ord. 224 §231))