Title 3
   3.04   Fiscal Procedures Generally
   3.08   Purchase and Sale of Supplies
   3.12   Purchasing Officer
   3.16   Open Market Purchases
   3.20   Formal Contract Procedure
   3.24   Claims and Actions Against the City and City Agencies and Employees
   3.28   Disposition of Lost, Stolen or Unclaimed Property
   3.32   Business License Law
   3.34   Parking and Business Improvement Area - Additional License Tax
   3.35   Downtown Business Improvement District
   3.36   Taxes - Definitions
   3.44   Real Property Transfer Tax
   3.48   Sales and Use Tax
   3.52   Transient Occupancy Tax
   3.56   Utility Users' Tax
   3.64   Off-Street Parking - Revenue Bonds
   3.68   Parking Revenues (Reserved)
   3.72   Private Activity Bonds
   3.76   Health Facilities Financing
   3.80   Special Assessment District Financing
      Article I   General Provisions
      Article II   Finding of “Public Convenience and Necessity” Excusing Compliance with Special Assessment Investigation, Limitation and Majority Protest Act of 1931
      Article III   Adaptation of Municipal Improvement Act of 1913
      Article IV   Adaptation of Improvement Bond Act of 1915
      Article V   Modifications of Assessment Districts
      Article VI   Supplemental Assessments
      Article VII   Reassessment Procedure
      Article VIII   Curation
      Article IX   Financing of Sewer System Fees and the Cost of Sewer Laterals
      Article X   Establishment of Maintenance Districts
   3.81   Maintenance District Ordinance of 1997
   3.82   Assessment Installments In Lieu of Payment of Sewer System Connection Fees
   3.84   Street Facility Reimbursement Fees
   3.85   Development Impact Fees
      Article I   General Provisions
      Article II   Definitions
      Article III   Transportation Facility Fees
      Article IV   Storm Drainage Facility Fees
      Article V   Park Facility Fees
      Article VI   Building and Equipment Fees
   3.88   City of Chico Charter City Bonds (Self- Insurance Reserve Program)
   NOTE:   Footnotes are numbered throughout the text and are located at the end of this title.
Chapter 3.04
3.04.010   Applicability of chapter.
3.04.020   Conformity with Charter provisions.
3.04.030   Promulgation of rules and regulations.
3.04.040   Budget transfers, variations, changes or modifications.
3.04.010   Applicability of chapter.
   The procedures provided for by this chapter shall be applicable to govern, and control all departments, boards, commissions (charter, statutory, or advisory), officers, employees and agencies of the city (all hereinafter referred to in the chapter as the “city”).
(Prior code §2.111 (Ord. 669 (part)))
3.04.020   Conformity with Charter provisions.
   The procedures provided for by this chapter shall be consistent with applicable provisions of the city Charter.
(Prior code §2.112 (Ord. 669 (part)))
3.04.030   Promulgation of rules and regulations.
   Fiscal, budgetary, and accounting procedures and practices, and the administration and control thereof, for the city shall be as set forth in rules and regulations prescribed by the city manager.
(Prior code §2.113 (Ord. 666 (part)))
3.04.040   Budget transfers, variations, changes or modifications.
   Transfers, variations, changes, or modifications within the annual budget shall be made by the city only in accordance with the procedures prescribed therefor by resolution adopted by the council, or, in the absence thereof, then as prescribed therefor by the city manager.
(Prior code §2.114 (Ord. 669 (part))