Title 1
   1.01   Code Adoption
   1.04   General Provisions
   1.08   City Seal
   1.12   Right of Entry for Inspection
   1.14   Nuisance Abatement
   1.15   Administrative Citations
      Article I   General Provisions
      Article II   Notice of Violation
      Article III   Administrative Review and Hearings
      Article IV   Administrative Hearing Procedures
      Article V   Collection and Lien Procedures
   1.16   Notices of non-compliance
   1.24   Arrests
   1.26   Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions
   1.30   City Elections
      Article I   Campaign Contributions
      Article II   City Ballots
   1.40   Environmental Review Guidelines
      Article I   General Provisions
      Article II   Requests for Environmental Determination and Review
      Article III   Procedures for Identifying and Processing Projects Exempt from CEQA
      Article IV   Procedures for Conducting Initial Studies
      Article V   Procedures for Preparation of Negative Declarations and Mitigated Negative Declarations
      Article VI   Procedures for the Preparation of an EIR
      Article VII   Procedures for the Preparation of a Mitigation Monitoring Program
      Article VIII   Procedures for the City as a Responsible Agency
   NOTE:    Footnotes are numbered throughout the text and are located at the end of this title.