Title 2
   2.04   City Officers and Employees
   2.08   City Council
   2.12   City Manager
   2.20   Fire Department
   2.24   Health Department
   2.28   Police Department
   2.30   General Services Department
   2.31   Planning Services Department
   2.32   Building and Development Services Department
   2.33   Housing and Neighborhood Services Department
   2.34   Capital Project Services Department
   2.36   Airport Commission
   2.40   Bidwell Park and Playground Commission
   2.41   Industrial Development Authority
   2.43   Redevelopment Agency
   2.46   Chico Public Financing Authority
   2.48   (Repealed)
   2.52   Planning Commission
   2.54   Climate Action Commission
   2.56   Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Board
   2.62   Arts Commission
   2.64   (Repealed)
   2.66   Parking Authority (Reserved)
   2.68   Emergency Services
      Article I   General Provisions
      Article II   Office of Emergency Services
   2.72   Personnel System
   2.74   Development Application Procedures
   2.80   Appeals from a Decision, Determination or Order Made or Issued by a City Board, Commission, Officer or Employee
   NOTE:   Footnotes are numbered throughout the text and are located at the end of this title.