2-80-030 Commission – Purpose.
   The purpose of the Commission is to:
   (1)   increase public safety;
   (2)   ensure that Department activities are directed toward maximizing public health and safety while minimizing any harm to City residents;
   (3)   build trust and improve interactions between and among the Department and the people it serves;
   (4)   ensure that Department policies and practices are rooted in community needs and public input;
   (5)   increase public support for Department policies and practices;
   (6)   ensure that Department resources are not used inefficiently to address public health or safety issues that other professionals are better equipped to address;
   (7)   encourage preventative, proactive, community-based, and evidence-based approaches to public safety;
   (8)   increase transparency and public input into Department operations, policies, and performance;
   (9)   provide the residents of every Chicago community with meaningful opportunities to shape Department policies and practices that affect their lives;
   (10)   help to bring the City into compliance with the Consent Decree as soon as is practicable;
   (11)   increase efficiency in the use of public safety resources; and
   (12)   increase public accountability of the Department, COPA, and the Police Board.
(Added Coun. J. 7-21-21, p. 33219, § 2; Amend Coun. J. 11-7-22, p. 54984, § 4)