* Editor's note – Coun. J. 2-24-21, p. 27657, Art. I, § 1, amended the title of Ch. 2-112 to read as herein set out. Prior to inclusion, Ch. 2-112 was entitled, "Board of Health".
2-112-005   Definitions.
2-112-010   Establishment and composition.
2-112-020   Succession.
2-112-030   Commissioner – Administrative authority.
2-112-040   Power to arrest violators.
2-112-050   Police powers.
2-112-060   Employees held harmless for official acts.
2-112-070   Adoption of health and environmental rules.
2-112-080   Report of disease occurrence.
2-112-090   Health system planning.
2-112-100   Grants and other agreements.
2-112-110   Commissioner – Additional powers and duties.
2-112-120   Transfer of rights, powers and duties.
2-112-130   Commissioner – Communicable disease control procedures.
2-112-140   Immunization treatment and vaccination.
2-112-150   Compulsory vaccination limitations.
2-112-160   Disinfection of premises.
2-112-170   Power to order vacation of premises.
2-112-180   Health and safety hazards – Investigation authority.
2-112-190   Health-related agreements with the Chicago Board of Education and other City of Chicago schools.
2-112-200   Health-related agreements authorized under the National and Community Services Trust Act.
2-112-210   Agreements for health screening and diagnostic services.
2-112-220   Clinical health services agreements.
2-112-230   Tuberculosis clinical services.
2-112-240   Chronic disease detection and treatment programs.
2-112-250   Emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation – Liability limitations.
2-112-260   Contaminated food or beverage controls.
2-112-270   Illinois Swimming Pool and Bathing Beach Act.
2-112-280   Publication of health information.
2-112-290   Records and forms.
2-112-300   Fees and charges.
2-112-310   Impersonation of Department personnel prohibited.
2-112-320   Failure to report disease occurrence.
2-112-330   Violation of recordkeeping provision.
2-112-340   Violation of rules and orders.