2-80-070 District Councils – Establishment, purpose, composition and duties.
   There is hereby established, within each District, a District Council.
   (a)   The purpose of the District Councils is to: (1) build connections between the police and the community; (2) collaborate in the development and implementation of community policing initiatives; (3) ensure regular community input for Commission efforts; (4) ensure that within each District there is a forum where District residents can raise and work to address any concerns about policing in the District, including but not limited to police interactions with youth and people of all immigration statuses; (5) ensure the independence and increase the legitimacy of the Commission by participating in the selection of its members; (6) participate in the selection of Commissioners who will fulfill the purposes listed in Section 2-80-030 of this Chapter; and (7) assist the Commission in fulfilling the purposes listed in Section 2-80-030.
   (b)   Each District Council shall be comprised of three members who are elected to serve four-year terms. No person may serve more than a total of 12 years on a District Council in their lifetime. A candidate for District Council membership shall:
      (1)   satisfy the qualifications for elected office under the Illinois Municipal Code, codified at 65 ILCS 5/3.1-10-5;
      (2)   on the day of the election, have resided in the District in which they seek to serve for at least the previous 365 days, and be registered to vote in the District they seek to serve;
      (3)   not be a member of the Commission; and
      (4)   not have been an employee of the Department, Independent Police Review Authority, COPA, or the Police Board in any of the three years immediately preceding the date on which their term begins.
   (c)   Each District Council shall be elected by residents of the District. Persons wishing to appear on the ballot, either as a candidate or a slate of candidates, for District Council shall file a statement of candidacy with the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and submit petitions for nomination; the signature requirements for the petitions for nomination of District Council candidates shall be equal to the lesser of: (i) 250 registered voters in the District; and (ii) 0.5 percent of the total number of registered voters in the District who voted in the next preceding Presidential election, but in no event fewer than a minimum of 25 registered voters in the District. Petitions for nominations under this subsection may contain the names of two or more candidates. If a petition for nomination contains the names of two or more candidates, the signature of a registered voter on such petition shall count towards the minimum signature requirement for each candidate whose name appears on the petition.
   Beginning in 2023, and every four years thereafter, District Councils shall be elected in a nonpartisan election coinciding with the consolidated primary election held in odd-numbered years on the last Tuesday in February. The candidates in each District receiving the greatest, second greatest, and third greatest number of votes shall take office on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May following their election.
   In all District Council elections, voters may vote for up to three candidates.
   Between the day established by law for the commencement of the circulation period for nomination petitions for District Council election and the day after the District Council election, District boundaries shall not be altered, unless necessary to address a public safety emergency, in which case the Superintendent shall publicly post the reason for the alteration.
   If a vacancy occurs on any District Council, then the vacancy shall be filled pursuant to 65 ILCS 5/3.1-10-51. When the Mayor is filling a District Council vacancy, the remaining member or members of the District Council shall, within 30 days of the vacancy being created, identify three people who meet the qualifications established in this Chapter and submit their names to the Commission. From among the names submitted by the District Council, the Commission shall, within 60 days of the vacancy being created, select a person to recommend to the Mayor to fill the vacancy. If all of the positions on a District Council become vacant, the Commission shall, within 60 days of the creation of each vacancy, select a person who meets the qualifications established in this Chapter to recommend to the Mayor to fill the vacancy.
   All laws in force in the City governing elections for municipal offices or applicable thereto and not inconsistent with the provisions of this section shall apply to and govern all elections held under the terms of this section.
   (d)   Each District Council member shall receive a stipend of $500 per month while serving in this role. Each stipend shall be factored into the Commission's annual budget and shall be paid on an annualized pro rata basis to each District Council member.
   (e)   Each District Council shall:
      (1)   Hold public meetings at least monthly to discuss policing issues;
      (2)   Work with the Police District Commander and community members to help develop and implement community policing initiatives;
      (3)   Delegate one or more District Council members to attend quarterly meetings with representatives from each District Council to identify trends and concerns;
      (4)   Delegate one or more District Council members to attend annual meetings with representatives from each District Council to propose priorities for the Commission;
      (5)   Work to develop and expand restorative justice and similar programs in the District;
      (6)   Encourage Department members to facilitate access to community resources;
      (7)   Assist and engage with members of the public, including gathering input from the public regarding public safety and policing in their districts;
      (8)   Report its findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the Commission as requested; and
      (9)   Exercise any other powers delegated to it by the Commission.
   (f)   District Council members may make policy recommendations to the Commission; respond to community members' questions and concerns by requesting information related to investigations from the Department or COPA, subject to applicable law and Department or COPA policy; and provide information to Department members and community groups on the work of the Commission and District Councils.
   (g)   Each District Council shall have a Chair, a member of the Nominating Committee, and a Community Engagement Coordinator. District Council members on each District Council shall determine which member shall serve as Chair, which member shall serve on the Nominating Committee, and which member shall serve as Community Engagement Coordinator. Within 30 days of members taking office, each District Council shall submit to the Commission a document identifying who has been selected to fill each of these positions. If, 30 days after taking office, members of any District Council have not filled one or more of these positions, the Commission shall assign roles by a majority vote of the Commission.
   (h)   District Councils may enlist qualified volunteers to assist them in carrying out their duties, including but not limited to serving on committees, pursuant to this section. For example, District Councils may enlist volunteers to ensure that the perspectives and experiences of district residents who are not United States citizens are reflected and incorporated in the District Council's work.
(Added Coun. J. 7-21-21, p. 33219, § 2; Amend Coun. J. 7-19-23, p. 1954, § 1)