Article I.  General Provisions
2-14-010   Department of administrative hearings – Establishment and composition.
2-14-030   Powers and duties of the director.
2-14-040   Administrative law officers – Powers and duties.
2-14-050   Administrative law officers – Training requirements.
2-14-060   Rules and regulations – Available for public inspection.
2-14-065   General provisions.
2-14-070   Instituting administrative adjudication proceedings.
2-14-072   Adjudication by mail.
2-14-074   Notice.
2-14-076   Administrative hearings.
2-14-078   Default.
2-14-080   Subpoenas.
2-14-090   Compliance bond.
2-14-100   Violations of orders.
2-14-101   Seized / unclaimed property.
2-14-102   Review under the administrative review law.
2-14-103   Enforcement of administrative law officer's order.
2-14-104   Interest.
2-14-105   Fines payable to the department of finance.
2-14-108   Petition to set aside default order.
2-14-109   Petition by city department for relief from a final order of liability entered in error.
2-14-110   Election of remedies.
2-14-120   Administrative adjudication procedures not exclusive.
2-14-130   Other provisions not limiting.
2-14-132   Impoundment.
2-14-135   Impoundment – Towing and storage fee hearing.
Article II.  Vehicle Hearings Division
2-14-140   Vehicle hearings division.
Article III.  Buildings Hearings Division
2-14-150   Buildings hearings division.
2-14-151   Definitions.
2-14-152   Service of notice to building owner.
2-14-154   Rights of occupants.
2-14-155   Defenses to building code violations.
2-14-156   Separate hearings on the imposition of fines and other sanctions.
Article IV.  Environmental Safety and Consumer Affairs Hearings Division
2-14-160   Environmental safety and consumer affairs hearings division.
Article V.  Reserved
Article VI.  Municipal Hearings Division
2-14-190   Municipal hearings division – Jurisdiction.
2-14-195   Fine of $10,000.00 or more – Petition for review to the director.
2-14-200   Eviction proceedings.