Sewer Rates
947.01   Definitions.
947.02   Charge imposed.
947.03   Measurement of sewer usage.
947.04   Rules and regulations by Director of Public Service.
947.05   Sewer rate determination.
947.06   Sewer rate tables.
947.07   Additional sewer rate charges.
947.08   Charge for nonresidential garbage disposal.
947.09   Payment.
947.10   Charges prorated.
947.11   Sewer agreements with other governmental entities.
947.12   Water Reclamation Facility Replacement Fund.
947.13   Installation of meters.
947.14   Rates for unmetered industrial sewer users.
947.15   Installation of deduct meters.
947.16   Correction of errors in billing.
947.17   Service to municipal buildings.
947.18   Rates for domestic sewage sludge.
947.19    Disabled/senior citizen homestead discount.
947.20   Rates for outside City users.
947.21   Revolving loan fund for residential water run-off improvement program.
947.22   Backwater Response Initiative Program.
947.23   Downspout disconnection required.
947.99   Penalty.
Sewerage rates - see Ohio R.C. 729.49
Weekly deposit of sewer rentals collected - see Ohio R.C. 729.52