General Provisions
151.001   Authority and enactment clause
151.002   Short title
151.003   Amendments
151.004   Definitions
151.005   Conflict with other laws
151.006   Validity
151.007   Repeal of conflicting ordinances
151.008   Effective date
Establishment of Zoning Districts; Rules for the Interpretation of District Boundaries
151.020   Establishment of districts
151.021   District boundaries
151.022   Rules for interpretation of district boundaries
151.023   Additions or reductions in total land area included within the jurisdiction of chapter
Application of District Boundaries
151.035   Generally
151.036   Use of land or structures
151.037   Lot reduction prohibited
151.038   Use of substandard lots of record
Requirements by Districts
151.050   CP Conservation-Preservation District
151.051   FC Forest Conservation District
151.052   R-8 One-Family Residential District
151.053   GR General Residential District
151.054   GC General Commercial District
151.055   CC Core Commercial District
151.056   LI Light Industrial District
151.057   BI Basic Industrial District
151.058   MH Mobile Home District
151.059   FA Forest Agriculture District
151.060   SHD Scenic Highway Protection District
151.061   PMD Planned Mixed Development District
151.062   HLD Historic Landmarks District
Aesthetic Regulations
151.075   Landscaping requirements
151.076   Commercial development appearance review
151.090   Types of signs and standards
151.091   Types of illumination
151.092   Conformance with Southern Standard Building Code
151.093   Building permits
151.094   Noted exceptions
151.095   Construction and upkeep
151.096   Prohibited signs
151.097   Temporary signs
151.098   Measurement of display sign area
151.099   Measurement of height of sign
151.100   Side yard for ground signs
151.101   Projection signs and marquee signs over public right-of-way
151.102   Signs permitted in Conservation-Preservation Districts
151.103   Signs permitted in Forest-Agricultural Districts
151.104   Signs permitted in Residential and Rural Development Districts
151.105   Signs permitted in Commercial and Industrial Districts
151.106   Signs permitted in Mobile Home Districts
151.107   Signs permitted in Scenic Highway and Historic Districts
General Regulations
151.120   Street access
151.121   Classification of streets
151.122   Corner lots
151.123   Location of buildings on lots and residential limitations
151.124   Double frontage lots
151.125   Special front yard requirements in developed areas
151.126   Measurements of front, side, rear yards; determination of building area
151.127   Nonconforming buildings or uses
151.128   Nonconforming building or use discontinuance
151.129   Home occupation
151.130   Accessory uses
151.131   Setback and other yard requirements for accessory uses
151.132   Off-street parking
151.133   Parking space area requirements
151.134   Location on other property
151.135   Common off-street parking areas
151.136   Use of public rights-of-way for maneuvering
151.137   Extension of parking space into a residential district
151.138   Off-street loading and unloading spaces
151.139   Visibility at street intersections
151.140   Visibility at private drives and entrances intersecting with streets
151.141   Exceptions to height limits
151.142   Parking, storage or use of campers or other major recreational equipment
151.143   Parking and storage of certain vehicles
151.144   Curb cuts and access points
151.145   Water and air pollution
Administration, Enforcement, Appeal, Complaints and Remedies
151.160   Administration and enforcement
151.161   Building and sign zoning permits required
151.162   Application for building and zoning permit
151.163   Certificates of occupancy for new, altered or nonconforming uses
151.164   Conditional and temporary use
151.165   Expiration of building permit
151.166   Complaints, regarding violations and remedies
151.167   Remedies
151.168   Appeal from the decision of the Zoning Administrator
Zoning Board of Appeals
151.180   Establishment of Zoning Board of Appeals
151.181   Proceedings of the Zoning Board of Appeals
151.182   Decisions of the Zoning Board of Appeals
151.183   Appeals, hearing and notice
151.184   Powers and duties of the Zoning Board of Appeals
151.185   Appeals from decisions of Board of Appeals
151.999   Penalty
Appendix A:   Planning and Zoning Commission Rules of Procedure
Appendix B:   Official Zoning Map