Conditional uses, as set forth in §§ 151.050 through 151.062, and temporary uses, as set forth below, are declared to possess characteristics which require certain controls in order to ensure compatibility with other uses in the district within which they are proposed for location.
   (A)   General requirements. Conditional uses shall be permitted subject to a determination by the Zoning Administrator that they conform to all regulations set forth herein and elsewhere in this chapter, with particular reference to those requirements established for those districts in which they are proposed for location.
   (B)   Conditional use administration and duration. Applications for permission to build, erect or locate a conditional use shall be submitted and processed in accordance with the regulations set forth in this subchapter, prior to the issuance of any permits.
   (C)   Temporary uses. The Zoning Administrator is authorized to issue a temporary certificate of zoning compliance for temporary uses, as follows:
      (1)   Real estate sales office, in any district except CP, for a period not to exceed one year; provided, no cooking or sleeping accommodations are maintained in the structure;
      (2)   Contractor’s office and equipment sheds, in any district, except CP, for a period of one year; provided that, the office be placed on the property to which it is appurtenant; and
      (3)   All temporary certificates of zoning compliance may be renewed; provided that, it is determined that the use is clearly of a temporary nature, will cause no traffic congestion and would not create a nuisance to surrounding areas.
(Ord. 97-04, passed 12-19-1996)