(A)   Intent of district. It is the intent of this section that the FC Zoning District be utilized and reserved for general farming and tree growing purposes as well as certain specialized residential, recreational or other public purposes. The regulations which apply within this district are designed:
      (1)   To encourage the formation and continuance of a compatible environment for public and recreational areas, truck farms, orchards, livestock ranches, dairies, timberland, forest management areas, horticultural nurseries and other agricultural uses which involve the growing of crops, livestock and animals and/or trees;
      (2)   To provide the suitable services, commercial and otherwise, to residents of FC Districts; and
      (3)   To discourage any encroachment by premature housing developments, commercial and/or industrial operations or other uses capable of adversely affecting the basic agricultural or open character of the district.
   (B)   Permitted uses. The following uses shall be permitted in any FC Zoning District:
      (1)   All uses permitted in a CP Conservation-Preservation District, as shown in § 151.050;
      (2)   Farms or establishments for the growing, care and handling of field crops, truck gardening products, fruit and/or nut trees, poultry and/or animals and livestock;
      (3)   Tree farms and/or forest management areas;
      (4)   Horticultural nursery;
      (5)   Church;
      (6)   Private or semi-private club, lodge or union hall or social center;
      (7)   Animal hospital and/or boarding facility;
      (8)   Any publicly owned and operated building, facility or land;
      (9)   Eleemosynary, religious, semi-private or philanthropic institution or camp;
      (10)   Golf course;
      (11)   One-family dwelling located on a lot containing not less than two acres of land;
      (12)   One-family dwelling, accessory to farm operation on same property with farm and occupied by full-time owners and laborers on the farm;
      (13)   Individual mobile homes used for permanent residential purposes on individual lots containing not less than two acres of land;
      (14)   Private dock;
      (15)   Boat marina;
      (16)   Boat house:
      (17)   Wildlife refuge, including one-family or two-family dwelling units of caretakers employed to maintain and protect the refuge;
      (18)   Airfield, together with subordinate uses; and
      (19)   Commercial businesses or related activities existing at the time of passage of this chapter.
   (C)   Conditional uses. The following uses shall be permitted in any FC Zoning District subject to conditions set forth herein below and in § 151.164:
      (1)   Stand or shelter for the selling and/or display of seasonal agricultural products; provided that:
         (a)   The uses may encroach a front yard requirement as provided for in division (D) below; and
         (b)   At least four off-street parking spaces are provided and suitably maintained.
      (2)   Commercial riding stable; provided that, no building or enclosure for animals is located closer than 100 feet from any property line;
      (3)   Cemetery, when accessory to and on the same property as a permitted use in the FC District;
      (4)   Temporary use in compliance with the provisions of § 151.164;
      (5)   Customary home occupation established under the regulations of § 151.129; and
      (6)   Accessory use in compliance with the provisions of §§ 151.130 and 151.131.
   (D)   Dimensional requirements. Unless relief is granted elsewhere in this chapter, structures permitted in FC Zoning Districts shall be required to conform to the following standards:
      (1)   Minimum lot area: two acres;
      (2)   Minimum lot width: 200 feet;
      (3)   Minimum front yard depth: 50 feet; except that, stands or shelters for the selling and/or display of seasonal agricultural produce or other permitted commercial activities may be located within the minimum front yard area, but no closer than ten feet to the nearest street right-of-way. For exceptions to this requirement, see §§ 151.124 and 151.125;
      (4)   Minimum side yard: 30 feet. For each side yard requirement pertaining to corner lots, see §§ 151.122 and 151.124;
      (5)   Minimum rear yard: 30 feet. For rear yard requirements pertaining to double frontage lots, see § 151.124;
      (6)   Maximum building height: none;
      (7)   Additional requirements: where required, uses permitted in FC Zoning Districts shall meet all standards set forth in §§ 151.120 through 151.145 pertaining to off-street parking, loading and other requirements; and
      (8)   Signs: signs permitted in FC Zoning Districts, including the conditions under which they may be located, are set forth in §§ 151.090 through 151.107.
(Ord. 97-04, passed 12-19-1996)