(A)   The regulations herein shall apply and govern all zoning districts. No sign shall be erected or maintained unless it is in compliance with the regulations of this subchapter, except a nonconforming sign which shall comply with the provisions set forth in §§ 151.120 through 151.145.
   (B)   A general definition of what constitutes a “sign” is included in § 151.004. Within this definition, the following specific terms and standards shall apply.
      BUSINESS IDENTIFICATION SIGN. A sign that contains the name of the business enterprise located on the same premises as the sign and the nature of the business conducted there. These signs shall be attached to a pole or permanent structure and should not exceed 20 feet in height and 65 feet in area. Only one sign per establishment shall be allowed, which must be set back ten feet from any property line.
      GROUND SIGN. A sign erected low to the ground which is supported by uprights or braces in or upon the ground and often used to identify large buildings or institutions. The maximum height of the signs are eight feet above normal ground level and the maximum area is 80 square feet. One sign per establishment shall be allowed and must be set back 15 feet from any property line.
      HOME OCCUPATION IDENTIFICATION SIGN. A sign used to identify a home occupation to be attached to the wall of a structure. The sign shall not exceed two square feet and shall be non-illuminated. One such sign per lot is allowed.
      MARQUEE SIGN. A projecting sign attached to or hung from a marquee and the marquee shall be known to mean a canopy or covered structure projection from and supported by a building, when the canopy or covered structure extends beyond the building, building line or property line. The sign shall not cover more than 15% of the area of the marquee to which it is affixed. One sign per wall of establishment is allowable.
      OFF-PREMISE ADVERTISING. A structure which advertises or attracts attention to, or directs persons to a business activity located on other than the premises where the structure is erected. Nationally advertised products or services shall not be deemed to be located on or carried on at the premises of local retail outlets or branch offices. This definition shall not include real estate directional signs. OFF-PREMISE ADVERTISING shall be an expressly prohibited use within the town. All previously existing off-premise advertisements shall be considered nonconforming uses as of the time of the passage of this chapter.
      PROJECTION SIGN. A sign which is affixed to any building wall or structure and extends beyond the building wall, structure, building line or property line more than 12 inches. It shall not exceed 15% of the wall to which it is affixed and in no case shall the total sign area exceed 150 feet, unless the setback for the sign is greater than 50 feet, allowing one square foot of sign for each square foot of setback up to 450 feet.
      ROOF SIGNS. A sign which is erected, constructed or maintained above the point of highest elevation of the roof of any building. The signs are not permitted in any zoning district.
      SHINGLE SIGN. A projection or wall sign not over six square feet in area, constructed of metal or other non-combustible material attached securely to a building and not projecting more than 24 inches over public property.
      SPECTACULAR SIGN. Any sign on which the advertising copy is usually animated, constructed of metal, wired for lights or luminous tubing or both, with copy action controlled by flashing circuit breakers or matographs and attached on an open face steel structure built especially for the purpose. SPECTACULAR SIGNS may be built upon the ground, attached to a wall, above a roof or projecting from a wall; provided that, the SPECTACULAR SIGN meets all the requirements governing ground, roof, wall, projection or marquee signs, depending upon where the sign is built.
      WALL SIGN. Any sign on the wall of a building (including signs attached flat against the wall), painted on the wall or any projection sign which does not qualify hereunder. WALL SIGNS must conform to the requirements hereof and other provisions of this section.
(Ord. 97-04, passed 12-19-1996)