A home occupation shall be permitted in any Residential or MH District; provided that, the occupation:
   (A)   Is conducted by no other persons than members of the family residing on the premises;
   (B)   Is conducted within the principal building;
   (C)   Utilizes not more than 25% of the total floor area of the principal building;
   (D)   Produces no alteration or change in the character or exterior appearance of the principal building from that of a dwelling;
   (E)   Involves no sale or offering for sale of any article not produced or assembled by members of the family, or any service not entirely performed by members of the family residing on the premises;
   (F)   Creates no disturbing or offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odor, heat, glare, traffic hazard, unhealthy or unsightly condition; and
   (G)   Is not visibly evident from outside the dwelling, except for a sign of four square feet or smaller in size and mounted against a wall of the principal building.
(Ord. 97-04, passed 12-19-1996)