The following signs are prohibited in all zones:
   (A)   Commercial signs which imitate an official traffic sign or signal or which contain the words “stop”, “go slow”, “caution”, “danger”, “warning” or similar words;
   (B)   Signs with flashing lights imitating emergency vehicles, warning or cautioning lights;
   (C)   Signs which are of a size, location, movement, content, coloring or manner of illumination which may be confused with or construed as a traffic control device or which hide from view any traffic or street sign or signal or which obstruct the view in any direction at a street or road intersection;
   (D)   All parts of signs which advertise an activity, business, product or service no longer produced or conducted on the premises upon which the sign is located; except where a succeeding owner or lessee agrees to maintain the signs as provided in this chapter;
   (E)   Signs which contain or consist of pennants, ribbons, streamers or spinners. These devices when not part of any signs are similarly prohibited;
   (F)   Signs which are pasted or attached to utility poles, trees, fences, rocks or other signs;
   (G)   Signs which swing or otherwise noticeably move as a result of wind pressure because of the manner of suspension or attachment;
   (H)   Signs which are painted directly on the wall or any other structural part of a building;
   (I)   Signs or sign assembly that obstruct ingress and/or egress to any window, door, fire escape, stairway, ladder or opening intended to provide light, air, ingress or egress for any room or building;
   (J)   Signs that violate the corner visibility restrictions of this chapter; and
   (K)   Off-premise advertising signs.
(Ord. 97-04, passed 12-19-1996)