(A)   It shall be unlawful to use or occupy or permit the use or occupancy of any building or premises, or both, or parts thereof hereafter created, erected, changed, converted or wholly or partly altered or enlarged in its use or structure until a certificate of occupancy shall have been issued therefor by the Zoning Administrator stating that the proposed use of the building or land conforms to the requirements of this chapter.
   (B)   No nonconforming structure or use shall be maintained, renewed, changed or extended until a certificate of occupancy shall state specifically wherein the nonconforming use differs from the provisions of this chapter; provided that, upon enactment or amendment of this chapter, owners or occupants of nonconforming uses or structures shall have three months to apply for certificates of occupancy. Failure to make the application within three months shall be presumptive evidence that the property was not in conformance at the time of enactment or amendment of this chapter.
   (C)   No permit for erection, alteration, moving or repair of any building shall be issued until an application has been made for a certificate of occupancy and the certificate shall be issued in conformity with the provisions of this chapter upon completion of the work.
   (D)   A temporary certificate of occupancy may be issued by the Zoning Administrator for a period not exceeding six months during alterations or partial occupancy of a building pending its completion; provided that, the temporary certificate may include conditions and safeguards as will protect the safety of the occupants and the public.
   (E)   No certificate of occupancy issued under the provisions of this chapter shall be considered valid unless signed by the Zoning Administrator, as duly designated herein.
   (F)   The Zoning Administrator shall maintain a record of all certificates of occupancy and a copy shall be furnished upon request to any person.
   (G)   Failure to obtain a certificate of occupancy shall be a violation of this chapter and punishable under § 151.999.
(Ord. 97-04, passed 12-19-1996)  Penalty, see § 151.999