Where the owner of a lot at the time of the adoption of this chapter does not own sufficient land to enable him or her to conform to the dimensional requirements of this chapter, the lot may nonetheless be used as a building site and the Zoning Administrator is authorized to issue a permit for the use of the property which conforms to the requirements for the district in which the lot is located as set forth in this chapter. If, however, the owner of two or more adjoining lots, with insufficient land dimensions, decides to build on or to sell off these lots, he or she must first combine the lots to comply with the dimensional requirements of this chapter. Any substandard lot of record requiring waivers on yard requirements applying to the district within which the lot is located shall be first approved by the Zoning Board of Appeals provided that further decreased dimensional requirements shall conform as closely as possible to the required dimensions.
(Ord. 97-04, passed 12-19-1996)