General Regulations
   153.01   Transporting waste through streets and alleys
   153.02   Street and alley obstruction; exceptions
   153.03   Maintaining sidewalks and tree rows in safe condition required
   153.04   Sidewalk safety; violations
   153.05   Duties of the Street Commissioner
   153.06   Street, alley and sidewalk improvement regulations
   153.07   Removing or lowering grade stake; removal of earth, stone or gravel
   153.08   Sidewalk repair regulations
   153.09   Placing obstructions on streets and sidewalks; limitations
   153.10   Permit required to display/obstruct
   153.11   Issuance; bond; liability
   153.12   Roof, awning, sign or structures extending over street or sidewalk
   153.13   Cellar or stairway in street or sidewalk
   153.14   Excavations or obstructions
   153.15   Dirt and rubbish on sidewalks; removal of snow and ice
   153.16   Removal of obstructions from places for public entertainment
   153.17   Moving buildings over street; permit required; application
   153.18   Bond requirements
   153.19   Unnecessary stoppage or delay; repair of damaged street or alley
Pole and Post Regulations
   153.30   Written consent for erection
   153.31   Written notice for location and type
   153.32   Removal or relocation
   153.33   Abandoned poles to be removed
   153.34   Charges for street repairs and reclamation
   153.35   Application for street cut permit
   153.99   Penalty