(A)   Hereafter, whenever any electric light, telegraph, telephone or other poles or similar objects used by any person or corporation, shall be abandoned and not used any longer, the pole or object must be removed from the street or other public place in which it is located.
   (B)   The hole occasioned by the removal filled and tamped with some proper material in reasonable thin layers that the same will be solid and not sink and leave any depression on the surface.
   (C)   After it is removed, the pole shall be cut off at least 6 inches below the surface of the ground and the excavation caused thereby filled up and tamped, as in case when the poles are removed.
   (D)   When any pole is removed or cut off in any sidewalk, street or other public place which has been improved in any manner with concrete, stone, brick, gravel or other improving material, the top of the excavation shall be filled in with the same material as that surrounding the pole, and as near like the surrounding improvements as possible, and shall be made flush with the surface of the street, sidewalk or other improvement.
(1982 Code, § 95.58)  (Ord. 29-1931, passed 9-22-1931)