(A)   Before any person, company or corporation shall be authorized to obstruct any street, alley or sidewalk with building or other material, as in the provision in § 153.09 above set out, a person, company or corporation desiring to place an obstruction thereon shall apply to and obtain from the Council a permit authorizing the obstruction but the permit shall only authorize an obstruction for a reasonable time and to an extent as may be reasonably necessary under the circumstances that may exist and in no case shall the permit authorize the obstruction of any street to an extent exceeding 1/2 of the width thereof and a sufficient width of street shall be left open and unobstructed to admit the free passage of horses and vehicles and the obstruction must be so arranged as not to prevent the free flow of water through the street gutters at that point.
   (B)   All obstructions shall have red signal lights placed thereon to warn travelers passing over the streets of the existence thereof and obstructions shall be guarded otherwise by all reasonable and practicable means.
(1982 Code, § 95.36)  (Ord. 37-1931, passed 9-22-1931)