(A)   Any person engaged in hauling or transporting any kind of material over the streets of the city, in any kind of vehicle, is required to use for this purpose a tight bed, or receptacle sufficient to retain the material being so hauled or transported so as to prevent the same from spilling, draining or leaking out on streets or alleys.
   (B)   In any case of hauling or transporting over any streets of any filthy, offensive or foul smelling matter the same shall be retained in tightly closed boxes or vessels, so as to effectively prevent the escape of any offensive odors therefrom and any vehicle, or box or vessel so used shall be kept clean on the outside.
   (C)   Any vehicle being used by a person in hauling or transporting any kind of material which may be blown by the wind so as to deposit the material on any streets or alleys shall be covered so as to prevent depositing.
(1982 Code, § 95.01)  (Ord. 10-1966, passed 4-26-1966)  Penalty, see § 153.99