(A)   When any owner of property in the city desires to construct any street, alley or sidewalk improvement in front of his or her property, he or she shall make application in writing to the Common Council for permission to make the improvement, stating in the application the kind and dimensions of the improvement proposed and the location of the same.
   (B)   If the Council shall deem it advisable to permit the improvement to be made they shall so declare in a motion or resolution and shall order the city civil engineer to establish a grade for the same, and the Council shall enact an ordinance establishing the grade so made and reported by the engineer and work shall be done under the general supervision of the engineer. The same shall be constructed on the grade so given by the engineer, and shall be done in substantial compliance with the description of the improvement as set out in the application, or as the same may be changed and modified by motion or resolution of the Council. The City Clerk-Treasurer shall record and index the application and the changes and modifications made in the same by the Council as aforesaid, and he or she shall also record and index all subsequent proceedings relating to the matter in the proper minutes of the Council proceedings.
   (C)   The expense of any improvement shall all be paid by the person applying for permission to make the same.
   (D)   It is declared unlawful for any person to construct or commence the construction of any improvement in any street, alley or sidewalk without first having obtained permission in the manner aforesaid from the Council, or to fail to place any improvement upon the grade so given as aforesaid, or to fail to construct any improvement in the manner described in the application, or as the same may have been changed and modified by the Council.
(1982 Code, § 95.15)  (Ord. 39-1931, passed 9-22-1931)  Penalty, see § 153.99