(A)   In addition to the other duties devolving by reason of any law or ordinance on the Street Commissioner, it is made the special duty of the Street Commissioner to oversee the streets, alleys and public grounds of the city; to discover defects and obstructions therein and to report the same to the Street and Alley Committee of the Council, or if any defect or obstruction be slight and easily remedied or removed, or if the same be dangerous to travel and require immediate repair or removal, then the Commissioner shall remedy or remove the same at once without reporting the same to the Committee.
   (B)   The Commissioner shall see that all streets and alleys are kept free from all defects and obstructions and in a condition convenient and reasonably safe for public travel.
   (C)   When any dirt, earth or mud becomes deposited on any street or sidewalk, or when there are dangerous accumulations of snow and ice thereon, he or she shall cause the same to be removed in compliance with the ordinances providing therefore or in an other manner as the Council may direct.
   (D)   The Commissioner shall see that regulations relating to the trimming of shade trees is enforced and that any tree on the streets or that may be overhanging any street, which tree may have become dangerous and liable to fall by reason of decay, is taken down and removed. He or she shall report to the Council all railroad crossings in the city that may require planking or that have been planked or otherwise improved and have become out of repair, and for all those purposes he or she shall give all notices that may be required by law and ordinance, and the Commissioner shall execute all orders of the Council in relation to these matters and perform all necessary acts and duties to maintain the streets in a condition convenient and reasonably safe for public travel.
(1982 Code, § 95.06)  (Ord. 23-1931, passed 9-22-1931)