Chapter 21
Streets and Sidewalks
Part 1   Streets
   A.   Street Cuts and Excavations
   §21-101.   Definitions and Interpretation
   §21-102.   Permit Required to Make Opening or Excavation in Street
   §21-103.   Refilling of Excavation, Restoration and Resurfacing  of Street
   §21-104.   Penalty for Violation
B.   Disposal of Grass Clippings and Yard Waste
   §21-111.   Preamble
   §21-112.   Offense Defined
   §21-113.   Enforcement
   §21-114.   Civil Penalty
   §21-115.   Criminal Penalty
Part 2   Sidewalks
   A.   Sidewalk Construction and Repair
   §21-201.   Sidewalks to Conform to Grade
   §21-202.   Requests for Establishment of Grade
   §21-203.   Responsibility for Construction and Reconstruction of Sidewalks
   §21-204.   Responsibility for Repair of Sidewalks
   §21-205.   Material and Specifications for Sidewalks
   B.   Refuse Disposal upon Sidewalks
   §21-211.   Unlawful to Discard Refuse on Sidewalk; Use of Sidewalk  Containers
   §21-212.   Penalty for Violation
   C.   Snow and Ice Removal from Sidewalks
   §21-221.   Owner, Occupant or Tenant of Property to Remove Snow and Ice from Sidewalk
   §21-222.   Authority for Borough to Remove Snow and Ice and Collect  Cost, Plus 10 Percent, from Defaulting Owner, Occupant or Tenant
   §21-223.   Penalty for Violation
   §21-224.   Parking Restrictions