Chapter 13
Licenses, Permits and General Business Regulations
Part 1   Amusement
   §13-101.   Definitions and Interpretation
   §13-102.   License Required for Carnivals, Circuses and Other Special Shows; Conditions of Issuance
   §13-103.   Unlawful to Continue to Operate Special Shows After Expiration or Revocation of License
   §13-104.   Penalty for Violation
Part 2   Transient Retail Business
   §13-201.   Definitions and Interpretation
   §13-202.   License Required; Fee; Conditions Thereof
   §13-203.   Application for License
   §13-204.   Issuance of License; Information Thereon; Custody and Display or Exhibit Thereof
   §13-205.   Prohibited Acts
   §13-206.   Duties of Mayor
   §13-207.   Suspension or Revocation of License; Appeals
   §13-208.   Penalty for Violation