Chapter 25
Part 1   Shade Tree Commission
   §25-101.   Shade Tree Commission Established
   §25-102.   Authority of Shade Tree Commission to Assess Penalties
Part 2   Removal of Diseased Trees and Plants
   §25-201.   Interpretation
   §25-202.   Shade Tree Commission Authorized to Require Property Owners to Cut and Remove Diseased Plants
   §25-203.   Authority of Borough to Cut and Remove Diseased Plants at Expense of Defaulting Property Owners
Part 3   Clearance of Trees over Streets and Sidewalks
   §25-301.   Definitions and Interpretation
   §25-302.   Clearance of Trees Above Surface of Street and Sidewalk; Duty of Property Owners to Trim to Required Clearance
   §25-303.   Penalty for Violation