Chapter 11
Part 1   Housing and Unsafe Buildings Code
   A.   Housing and Unsafe Buildings Code
   §11-101.   Title
   §11-102.   Scope
   §11-103.   Conflict with Other Ordinances
   §11-104.   Building Official
   §11-105.   Board of Appeals
   §11-106.   Occupancy Certificates
   §11-107.   Administrative Procedures
   §11-108.   Service of Reports, Notices, Complaints or Orders
   §11-109.   Failure to Comply with Order
   §11-110.   Penalties
   §11-111.   Duties of Legal Officer
   §11-112.   Judicial Review
   B.   Definitions
   §11-121.   Definitions
   C.   Housing Standards and Conditions That Warrant Finding of Unfitness and Unsafeness
   §11-131.   Determination of Unfitness and Unsafeness
   §11-132.   Prohibition of Occupancy
   §11-133.   Minimum Standards Necessary to Make Dwellings Fit for Human Habitation
   §11-134.   Structural, Equipment, Fire and Other Hazards
   §11-142.   Responsibilities of Owners
   §11-143.   Maintenance of Floors, Walls, Ceilings and Doors
Part 2   Landlord/Tenant Registration
   §11-201.   Purpose
   §11-202.   Definitions and Interpretation
   §11-203.   Tenant Registration
   §11-204.   Fees
   §11-205.   Violations and Penalties