Chapter 10
Health and Safety
Part 1   Nuisances
   §10-101.   Definition and Interpretation
   §10-102.   Grass, Weeds and Other Vegetation Prohibited and a Nuisance Under Certain Conditions
   §10-103.   Owner or Occupant of Property to Remove, Trim or Cut Grass, Weeds or Other Vegetation
   §10-104.   Authority for Borough to Remove, Trim or Cut Where Owner or Occupant  Fails to Do So
   §10-105.   Penalty for Violation
Part 2   Outdoor Furnaces
   §10-201.   Applications and Exceptions
   §10-202.   Definitions
   §10-203.   General Prohibition on Outdoor Burning and Refuse Burning
   §10-204.   Materials That May Not Be Burned
   §10-205.   Restrictions on Burning Exemptions
   §10-206.   Regulations for Outdoor Furnaces
   §10-207.   Substantive Requirements
   §10-208.   Appeals/Variances
   §10-209.   Permits Violations and Penalties
   §10-210.   Substantive Requirements Civil Proceedings