Chapter 6
Part 1   Discharge of Firearms and Other Weapons
   §6-101.   Definitions
   §6-102.   Prohibited Activities
   §6-103.   Exemptions
   §6-104.   Violations and Penalties
Part 2   Ball Playing, Snowballing, and Throwing Stones
   §6-201.   Ball Playing, Snowballing and Throwing Stones and Other Missiles upon or onto Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks Prohibited
Part 3   Unlawful to Tamper with Public Property
   §6-301.   Unlawful to Tamper with Public Property or Property on Street, Alley, Sidewalk or Public Ground
   §6-302.   Unlawful to Tamper with Stakes, Posts or Monuments
   §6-303.   Tampering with Warning Lamps, Signs or Barricades Prohibited
   §6-304.   Removal of Material from Street, Alley or Public Ground Prohibited
   §6-305.   Certain Acts not Unlawful
   §6-306.   Penalty for Tampering with, Injuring or Removing Certain Property
Part 4   Loud Noises Prohibited
   §6-401.   Definition and Interpretation
   §6-402.   Loud Noises Prohibited
   §6-403.   Noisy Advertising Devices
   §6-404.   Loudspeakers for Commercial Purposes Prohibited
   §6-405.   Mufflers Required for Vehicles and Machinery
   §6-406.   Noisy Animals
   §6-407.   Penalty for Violation of Noise Provisions
Part 5   Open Alcoholic Beverage Containers
   §6-501.   Definitions
   §6-502.   Rules and Regulations
   §6-503.   Permitted Activities
   §6-504.   Administrative Procedure
   §6-505.   Violations and Penalties
Part 6   Curfew
   §6-601.   Definitions and Interpretation
   §6-602.   Unlawful Acts by Minors
   §6-603.   Unlawful Acts by Parents
   §6-604.   Unlawful Acts by Operators
   §6-605.   Enforcement
   §6-606.   Penalty for Violation
Part 7    Fireworks
   §6-701.   Definitions
   §6-702.   Permits
   §6-703.   Requests for Extension
   §6-704.   Consumer Fireworks
   §6-705.   Display Fireworks
   §6-706.   Agricultural Purposes
   §6-707.   Violation and Civil Penalties
   §6-708.   Removal, Storage and Destruction