(a)   Prohibited transactions. No , clerk, agent or employee thereof shall sell, distribute or furnish any to a under the age of 18 years, any who is obviously intoxicated, chemically impaired or incompetent, or any who fails to present competent age identification in the form of a current, valid Minnesota driver’s license, current, valid state identification card or current, valid photo driver’s license or photo identification issued by another state or a province of Canada.
   (b)   Inspection of items. The must, at all times during the term of the license, allow the authorized agents of the City Police Department, the City Fire Marshal or to enter the premises where the licensed is located, including all display areas, storage areas and all approved off-site storage facilities, during normal hours, or beyond normal hours where the inspector determines an emergency situation exists, for the purpose of inspecting such premises and inspecting the items, ware and merchandise therein for the purpose of verifying compliance with the requirements of this Division Y, and any other applicable state and federal regulations. Upon request, the must provide a test sample to the inspector for the purpose of verifying the chemical content of the merchandise.
   (c)   Maintenance of order. A under this Division Y shall be responsible for the conduct of the being operated and shall maintain conditions of order.
   (d)   Smoking prohibited. A under this Division Y must strictly prohibit any cigarette, cigar or pipe smoking in or around the and conspicuously post and maintain appropriate “NO SMOKING” signage throughout.
   (e)   Proper disposal of unsold . It shall be the responsibility of the to properly dispose of all unsold . Any consequential cost to the city for disposal of these goods shall be the ultimate responsibility of the .
   (f)   Maintenance of sales and storage areas. Any significant deviation, enlargement or alteration from the approved site plan for the sales display and storage areas covered by the license must be pre-approved in writing by the City Fire Prevention Division.
   (g)   Confiscation and destruction of illegal fireworks. Any authorized agent of the Police Department or Fire Prevention Division may seize, take, remove or cause to be removed all stocks of fireworks or other combustibles offered or exposed for sale, stored or held in violation of this Division Y or applicable state or federal law. Any consequential cost to the city for disposal of these goods shall be the ultimate responsibility of the .
(Ord. 93-20, passed 4-26-1993; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; added by Ord. 2002-20, passed 6-3-2002)