General Parking Provisions
   72.01   Hazardous or congested places
   72.02   Vehicle entering stop intersection
   72.03   Parking for certain purposes prohibited
   72.04   Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places
   72.05   Double parking
   72.06   Parking time limit signs required
   72.07   Night parking in business district; exception
   72.08   Truck parking prohibited
   72.09   Parking time limits not exclusive
   72.10   Obedience to angle parking signs or markings
   72.11   Angle parking of commercial vehicles
   72.12   Negligent parking
   72.13   Parking not to obstruct traffic
   72.14   Standing or parking close to curb
   72.15   Right-of-way to parallel parking space
   72.16   Opening and closing vehicle doors
   72.17   Lights on parked vehicles; requirements
   72.18   Application of standing or parking regulations
   72.19   Illegal parking declared public nuisance
Loading Provisions
   72.30   Definitions
   72.31   Designated uses
   72.32   Passenger curb loading zones; parking prohibited
   72.33   Commercial curb loading zones; parking prohibited
   72.34   Use of bus and taxicab stands
   72.35   Buses and taxicabs
   72.36   Permit required
Off-Street Parking on City Right-of-Way
   72.50   Unlawful parking
   72.51   Permit required; application
   72.52   Method and design of construction
   72.53   Inspections
   72.54   Conditions of permit
   72.55   Maintenance and repair