121.01  GENERAL.
   (a)   The City of Aurora Rules and/or Bylaws of City Council are to be adopted by the first meeting in March following the Organizational Meeting.  These rules may be amended at any point in time, provided there is a concurrence of a majority of the members of Council.
(Charter 3.06 )
   (b)   The Council Assembly shall first and foremost be governed by the Charter of the City of Aurora and the laws of the State of Ohio.  When either of the aforementioned entities is silent, and a provision is not listed in following rules, the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall prevail.
   (c)    Under Robert's Rules of Order, Aurora's Council sessions are defined as a "Deliberative Assembly" and a "Legislative Body for Structured Dialog."
   (d)   All references to the Charter and Ohio Revised Code are references only, included for continuity of the document, and are not to be amended by Council.  The Law Department will be responsible for making the necessary corrections to the rules, whenever a Charter amendment or a change in the Ohio Revised Code has occurred.  This change will not be subject to vote for amendment by Council.  The changes will go in effect as soon as a new Charter or law becomes effective.
(Ord. 2012-024.  Passed 3-12-12.)