The following locations are hereby declared to be the six (6) most public places in the City for the posting of Ordinances, Resolutions, Agendas, etc., and all such Ordinances, Resolutions, Agendas, etc., shall be posted in such places pursuant to Sections 3.06 and 3.11 of the City Charter.
   (a)   City Hall, 130 South Chillicothe Road;
   (b)   Heinen’s Grocery Store, Barrington Town Square, 115 North Chillicothe Road;
   (c)   Aurora Fire Station, No. 2, 1049 North Aurora Road;
   (d)   Aurora Memorial Library, 155 East Pioneer Trail;
   (e)   The United States Post Office, Aurora Village Commons Shopping Center, 251 West Garfield Road; and
   (f)   City of Aurora website, www.auroraoh.com.
      (Ord. 2015-047.  Passed 3-23-15.)