121.05  VOTING.
   (a)   Roll Call Votes.  A roll call vote is taken by the Clerk of Council by calling each individual member of Council and recording the member's vote accordingly.  Roll call votes shall be taken and recorded by the Clerk of Council by first calling the person who initiated the motion, then the roll shall be called alphabetically, beginning with the person who seconded the motion.
   (b)   Voice Votes.  A voice vote is a vote taken by the chair asking "all in favor."  If all members respond in the affirmative, and there is no objection, then the issue has passed.  If there is any objection, then a roll call shall be taken.
   (c)   Abstention.
      (1)   To "abstain" means not to vote on a question. The "abstain" response shall not be counted as either a "Yes" or "No" vote to decide an issue.
      (2)   Although it is the duty of every member who has an opinion on a question to express it in a vote, the member can abstain, since the member cannot be compelled to vote.
      (3)   No Council member should vote on a question in which the member has a direct personal interest.  The member should respond: "I abstain."
      (4)   No Council member shall vote on approval of the minutes of any meeting in which the member was not in attendance. When the vote is taken (whether voice or roll call), the member should respond: "I abstain."
         (Ord. 2012-024.  Passed 3-12-12.)