(a)   General.  The President of Council shall preside over all meetings of the Council, and shall have all the powers, duties, functions, obligations and rights of any other member of Council, including the right to vote. (Charter 3.16)
   (b)   Duties of the President of Council.
      (1)   At each of its organizational meetings, Council shall select one of its members to serve as President of Council.
      (2)   During any period when the Mayor shall be temporarily unable to perform the Mayor's duties, the President of Council shall be the acting Mayor, and shall continue to perform his/her duties as President of Council, and as a member of Council, and shall continue to enjoy all of the powers as President of Council and as a member of Council, including the right to vote.  For each day or portion thereof that the President of Council serves as Mayor or acting Mayor, he/she shall receive per diem compensation based upon the elected Mayor's established annual salary.  (Charter 3.16)
      (3)   If the office of the Mayor shall become vacant for any reason, the President of Council shall thereupon become Mayor, and that person's position as Council Member shall become vacant and shall be filled by Council as soon as possible as provided in Section 3.03 of the Charter.  In the event that more than two years remain in the Mayor's term, a successor shall be elected to complete the unexpired term at the next regular municipal general election.  The individual who as President of Council became Mayor in the interim may be a candidate for the office of Mayor at that election.  (Charter 4.07 )  (Ord. 2015-047.  Passed 3-23-15.)
      (4)   The President of Council shall be responsible for the ongoing supervision of the Clerk of Council and the Office of the Clerk of Council.  However, the President of Council shall advise and present for Council discussion or approval any modifications in the duties of the Clerk of Council, evaluations or any developments concerning the position.  The Clerk of Council, and any deputies, shall still serve at the pleasure of Council.
      (5)   EDITOR'S NOTE:  Former subsection (b)(5) hereof was repealed by Ordinance 2008-033, passed March 24, 2008.
      (6)   Job Description: The President of Council's job description shall be as follows:
         A.   The Council President is elected by the members of Council pursuant to Aurora's Charter and City Council Rules.
         B.   The Council President is the presiding officer at all meetings of the Council, which includes preserving order and decorum in the Council Chambers at all times. The Council President observes and enforces all rules adopted by the Council for its government; decides all questions on order, in accordance with the "City Council Rules;" and recognizes other members of the Council in the order in which they request the floor.  The Council President's position is an integral part of the City's legislative operations; however it is not administrative in nature and function.
      (7)   Illustration of Functions:
         A.   Supervises the Clerk of Council and his/her staff.
         B.   Approves Council staff timesheets, as well as Council staff Vacation and  Sick Leave Approval slips.
         C.   Maintains regular contact with the Clerk of Council to remain current on any concerns and issues of special and/or significant interest.
         D.   Maintains regular contact with the Mayor and/or Law Director to remain current on any concerns and issues of special interest.
         E.   Maintains knowledge of all significant issues which impact the City of Aurora.
         F.   Performs any other related duties or as requested by a majority of Council or outlined in the Aurora Charter of City Council Rules.
         G.   In order to maintain continuity, in the event the Council President is not able to perform any of his duties, he shall promptly inform the Vice President of Council.
            (Ord. 2012-024.  Passed 3-12-12.)