(a)   General. Council shall appoint a Clerk of Council and such assistants as it shall determine from time to time, all of whom shall serve at the pleasure of Council. (Charter 3.10)
   (b)   Duties of the Clerk of Council.
      (1)   The Clerk of Council shall have custody of the records of the Municipality and shall keep an accurate and complete journal of all proceedings of the Council, and shall perform such other duties as the Council may require from time to time. (Charter 3.10)
      (2)   During the absence or disability of the Clerk of Council, Council may appoint someone to perform temporarily all the duties of that office. (Charter 3.10)
      (3)   The Clerk of Council shall perform the duties of the position outlined in the Ohio Revised Code, the City Charter, and the job description approved by Council. The duties of the job description may be modified by the addition or subtraction of non-mandated duties, as determined by an action of Council. (Ord. 2012-024.  Passed 3-12-12.)