No resolution, ordinance, regulation, measure or order of Council concerning a power or duty of the Planning Commission under Section 13.03 , shall become effective unless Council shall have first submitted the same to the Planning Commission for a report and recommendation.
The Planning Commission shall act upon such a referral within 60 days of the date the referral is made, unless a longer time is authorized by Council.  If the Planning Commission fails to act within the time allotted, Council may act upon the matter as if it had received a recommendation of approval from the Planning Commission.
No ordinance, measure or regulation which differs from the report or recommendation made by the Planning Commission, whether such report or recommendation is in response to a referral from Council or is submitted to Council under another applicable section of the Charter or applicable provision of City ordinances, shall take effect unless passed or approved by a two-thirds vote of the number of members of Council.
Any ordinance approved by Council that would amend the City's zoning map by changing the zoning classification of one district classification, or part of one district classification to another, or that would amend the City's Zoning Code regulations by changing any density regulations, shall be placed on the ballot at a general or special election, as determined by Council, to be voted upon by the electorate.  No such ordinance shall become effective unless approved by a majority of the electorate voting on the question.
(Amended 11-4-14.)