Administration and Enforcement
1361.01   Definitions.
1361.02   Compliance and payment of fees required.
1361.03   Entry and inspections.
1361.04   Access for repairs or alterations.
1361.05   Personal liability of City employees.
1361.06   Housing Appeals Board.
1361.07   Inspections; certificate of occupancy; fees.
1361.08   Violations; service of notices and orders.
1361.09   Notice of dangerous building, dwelling or other structure; service and procedure.
1361.10   Hearings; petition and proceedings.
1361.11   Notification of findings.
1361.12   Record of proceedings.
1361.13   Order of vacation.
1361.14   Vacation by court order.
1361.15   Emergency order.
1361.16   Failure to comply; City remedial costs a lien.
1361.17   Construction interrupted by stop work order.
1361.18   Emergency remedial costs a lien.
1361.19   Selling or purchasing property in violation of Code.
1361.20   Citations.
1361.21   International Property Maintenance Code adopted.
1361.99   Penalty.
Division of Housing and Community Development - see ADM. Ch. 139
Issuance of citations - see BLDG. 1311.01